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Hub centric rings play a crucial role in wheel installations by ensuring a secure and precise fit against the axle, keeping wheels perfectly vertical. Damaged or improperly installed hub centric rings can lead to wheel tilt, negatively impacting your vehicle's driving performance.

EZAccessory provides hub centric rings for a wide range of makes, models, and wheel sizes. Whether you drive a Corolla or Silverado, we have the hub centering rings you need for a successful wheel installation. Each ring is crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, which prevents rust and guarantees long-lasting reliability and performance. Explore our selection below to find the right wheel centering ring for your vehicle.


To order the correct hub centric rings, you'll need to know two sizes: the inner diameter (ID) and the outer diameter (OD). The inner diameter corresponds to the vehicle's bore diameter, which can typically be found through us or via a reference check. The outer diameter, or the bore diameter of your wheels, is the size you'll need to provide. This measurement must be taken with a micrometer in millimeters, ensuring utmost accuracy. We recommend bringing your rims to a local tire or wheel shop to have the measurement done professionally.

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