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Custom Made Wheel Adapters - Made In USA

If you're looking for an unusual pattern conversion or need to fit custom wheels that won't work with standard wheel adapters, look no further than EZAccessory's selection of custom made wheel adapters. Unlike other companies producing custom wheel adapters, who use low-grade aluminum that can crack and warp under driving pressure; EZAccessory's selection of custom wheel adapters are made from the same true extruded, heat treated 6061 billet material and made with our Haas CNC machinery, ensuring that each wheel adapter fits snugly and securely, and is built to your exact specifications each time.


The opportunities with our custom wheel adapters are truly limitless. Common requests from our customers include 4 lug to 4 lug adapters for customized off-roading vehicles, 8 lug to 8 lug adapters for heavy duty trucks, and bolt pattern sizes ranging from 98 mm to 139.7 mm sizes. Thread sizes, thicknesses, and bolt patterns are customized to your exact request on all wheel adapters, both wheel and hubcentric. Customized wheel spacers are also available. Due to the craftsmanship we put into each set of custom made wheel adapters, each order takes 2-3 weeks to complete and ship. Have questions? Contact us, and we’ll help you create the right custom wheel adapters for you.