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EZAccessory is proud to be the premier online source for wheel and rim adapters and spacers for nearly every make and model of automobile and wheel type. Our extensive collection includes 4 Lug, 5 Lug, 6 Lug, 8 Lug, and hub centric type with hardened wheel studs suitable for bolt circle pattern conversions. Each adapter is made from Aircraft-grade billet aluminum ensuring the highest level of performance and durability for your automobile. Don't settle for low-quality, re-cast imports for your wheels and tires keep your car or truck safe, and looking great with our wheel adapters and dually adapters, available for almost every make and model. Don't see the size you need? Contact us, and we'll work with our manufacturers and suppliers to get the right adapter for you or have one custom made to your specifications.


In addition to same lug (like 5 lug to 5 lug) wheel adapters, we also offer a selection of wheel conversion between different lugs such as 5 lugs to 6 lugs or 5 lugs to 8 lugs. These two piece configuration are manufactured with Haas CNC machine and state of the art craftsmanship, using the same high-quality billet aluminum materials. No matter what you drive from Camry to Silverado; Subaru or a Chevy; a Civic or a Tahoe, we carry the right parts you need to fit the right wheel to your car. Browse our selection below to find the right adapter for your car or truck today.